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About us


I'm Oliver Doran,

I've been behind the lense professionally for more than 15 years and have lived and worked in the Middle East, Europe and the UK. 

I'm a photographer from Jersey U.K., and I have a studio in St Helier. I am someone who loves to capture legacy moments in life and work with a fabulous team to make that happen.

In my career, I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented people. I have had my worked featured and published in some iconic magazine such as GQ and been fortunate enough to capture some of the great faces of the screen and stage such as Robert De Niro, Roger Federer and Bella Hadid to name a few. 

My photography style is primarily black and white. It has a timeless elegance to it, and captures a truly nostalgic feeling.

If you're thinking of getting married soon or are planning a wedding, please feel free to get intouch. I'd love to hear what you have in mind for your special day.